Monday, February 15, 2010

If you are a Muslim, you are not safe even if you are a journalist

It is good to see the journalists of Mangalore- among whom the warrior-reporter Sudipto Mondal- come on to streets asking for rights and denouncing injustices.
When did you last hear journalists on street in the BJP-ruled States?
It is inspiring and hopes-sustaining to see our sisters and brothers doing it. They deserve our greatest solidarity and support. Rahim was just standing at the bus stop waiting for his bus. As soon as he said his name was Rahim the sub-inspector thought he could just arrest him without much further thinking. Had the reporter been a Hindu it would have ended in apologies, or even bonhomie, as soon as he reveals that he was reporter.
What a shame!
It is not difficult to understand why the Congress not doing anything against these Criminal Against Humanity, leaders and cadre of BJP, ShivaSena. But, why even the Left and Secular forces don't demand such things is beyond comprehension. The left is concerned only with avoiding the possibility of their State government's being dismissed by the Centre. It principally opposes imposition of the President's rule anywhere no matter what. Nor does it entertain any idea of handing over the Shiva Sena, Ram Sena and BJP and RSS criminals( Pichikukkalu, in Yogendra Kalavalapalle's unimprovable description) to International Criminal Court.
When will the Liberals( does anybody except Ramachandra Guha seriously believe that such a catagory exists?) and the Left will realise that no fascist force ever was defeated, after securing power, by forces from within?

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