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Women on march in support of Chitralekha in Payyanur

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Hi Friends

On March 9th and 10th, two day 'vahana pracharana jadha' by women supporting Chitralekha will go around Payyanur and nearby areas. We hope to open up dialogue with local people about the politics of this incident and gather support for Chitralekha's resistance.

jadha will highlight slogans:

Stop slander campaign against Chitralekha

Ensure a job atmoshphere where she can engage in her job with dignity and without fear

Accept women's right to choose their job.

Rekha Raj (Panchami Dalit Women's Collective), K.Ajitha (Anweshi), Ammini (Adivasi Vikasa Samithi), Praveena(Panchami Dalit Women's Collective), Jaseela, Beena Appu (Sahayatrika), Deepa V.N (Sahayatrika), V.P Suhara (Nisa), Sulochana(Kerala Sthreevedi), Reshma Bharadwaj(Sahayatrika), Amala (Kerala Sthreevedi) - will be participating in the jadha. I am listing jadha route below.

Cheers, come to any(if not all of these) points and join us. And if you know any others at these places please inform them.


Sthree vahana jadha

Route and time


09.30 AM: Karivalloor

10.15 AM: Onakkunnu Junction

11.00 AM: Samimukku

11.45 AM: Mathil

12.20 PM: Chooral

01.10 PM: Aravanchal

2.30 PM: Peringom

3.30 PM: Kankol

4.15 PM: Kothaimukku

5 PM: Perumba (near KSRTC)

6 PM: Edattu


9.30 AM: Ezhilode

10.15 AM: Pilathara

11 AM: Pariyaram (in front of medical college)

12 PM: Pazhayangadi

12.45 PM: Mandooru

1.30 PM: Kunjimangalam

2.45 PM: Kunnaru

3.30 PM: Ramanthali

4.15 PM: Kotti railway gate

6 PM: Payyanoor (old bus stand)

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